Saturday, 16 June, 2007


Till very recently when someone mentioned anythin about telugu movies my face would contort into an expression which would be quite similar to one walkin into a cloud of very nasty flatulence.
I assumed it was made of stuff like balakrishna commanding a train to flee in terror or chiranjeevi skidding under a lorry riding a horse.
Last weekend outta sheer boredom i borrowed this DVD from my friend ... a telugu movie called Anand.All my snobbery took a real beating.
Due to my limited command of the english language I m gonnarefrain from commenting much now..........just too dumbstruck right now.
What pains me even more is that this movie has been remade into tamil called Ninaithale[uggh!!].
I could not even tolerate the teaser promos on tv. The hero looks like what we call a "SONGI PAYYAN" and the heroine suffers from a severe case of albinism.
More on anand later...... [i ve Attention Deficit Disorder by the way]

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